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Netfort’s flagship system, the eCart© is a bundled POS system designed for kiosk-based businesses to increase revenue generation by enhancing sales monitoring and strengthening inventory management.

eCart© features include:
User-friendly Graphic User Interface
Multiple Cart Management™apability
         Secure web-based server access
Quick, easy and accurate monitoring
Affordable subscription



Empowerment brings out the best in our people and generates positive bottom-line results for our business. FrontDesk© empowers your staff and allows them to exceed customer expectations. FrontDesk is specifically-designed to optimize the performance of smaller hotels and accommodation facilities.

Netfort FrontDesk© features:
Hassle-free booking and reservations
Efficient housekeeping and room management
Easy invoicing and billing
Handling service requests



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Different strokes for different folks. Netfort offers an initial system consulting service at no obligation to our potential clients and partners.

Contact us for your technology needs and concerns. We will be happy to assist you.